Modernize your application

Whether you're moving workloads in stages

or working through a complete transformation, you'll have applications that you need to move to the cloud.

Application modernization is inevitable

Application modernization is a necessary part of cloud-centric business transformation. Business pressures demand faster time to market. IT economics require greater workload mobility to allow migrations to the cloud, improving operational efficiency and cost reductions.

The success of a digital transformation depends on the ability of applications to build innovative capabilities and deliver them quickly and to accelerate developer productivity and the adoption of new cloud-native technologies. Containers, Kubernetes, and microservices deliver speed and simplicity and are being adopted rapidly. But, your current estate determines your modernization strategy. Rewriting your entire application estate isn't feasible, so modernization is inevitable.

Modernizing your applications provides a few immediate benefits:

  • Accelerating digital transformation. Application modernization is driven by the need to transform business to build capabilities and deliver them quickly.

  • Improving developer productivity. Adopting cloud-native and containerization technology enables self service for developers.

  • Improving operational efficiency and standardization. DevOps enablement drives a culture of automation and transformation of operations.

The application modernization journey


What does application modernization mean? To start your modernization journey, you must understand the approaches that are right for your inventory and your modernization goals and choose the approach that best fits your needs.


Add capabilities as microservices

Innovate incrementally and establish success early. Enriching an application with new business function is a great way to realize the value from application modernization for cloud. Your application can consume a wide variety of innovative services that are available in the cloud, such as AI, industry, and domain services.

Modernization solutions


To help you on your cloud journey, IBM introduced experiences on modernization approaches, such as the incremental lift-and-shift to cloud-native microservices. You can make the most of your investments without rewriting your entire estate. When you modernize your applications, you can ease your move to the cloud on the full promise of cloud technology. With a cloud-native microservices approach, you can capitalize on the scalability and flexibility that is inherent to cloud. When you modernize your cloud-native applications, they can run concurrently and seamlessly connect with your investments. Barriers that prohibit productivity and integration are removed to create user experiences and develop applications.


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