The first DataPower project of our country in the energy sector was realized with cooperation of IBM and Sade Yazılım.

IBM Data Power Solution in Energy Sector

Industrial Applications
Mobil Teams
There is a need for high volume integration with external systems.
The basic requirements for these integrations are

Easy Integration


Since there are too many integration points, the need for coding and configuration changes related to integrations is required to be minimal, and in case of a change in one of the integration points, it needs to be adapted quickly.

High Performance


Real-time integration with very low latency data transfer is required.


Since integrations are carried out at very critical points and the data is very critical,  there should be no question of security.

Continuity of Service


Service continuity is very crucial since a problem in the integration may cause stopping the whole operation.



Standardization of services by adopting reusable service approach is a requirement.



The solution should provide centralized management support.

Industrial Applications
Mobil Teams




In the project, IBM DataPower Gateway is positioned  as the major product  to meet the specified  requirements described above. It is an ‘appliance’. Additionally, IBM API Connect is considered   for creating, running, managing  APIs for programming interfaces exposed  by IT.


DataPower Gateway serves as the API gateway for API Connect. Finally, IBM DataPower Operations Dashboard (DPOD) is also took place in the solution as a complementary product  to provide deep operational insight into DataPower Gateways for quicker problem determination and operational resiliency.


In our project  we have realized in the energy distribution sector, all the integrations of our customer  in the context of the above mentioned requirements have been met.  In addition, via the DataPower product family the data received from the ‘ftp’ and ‘soap’ environments could be integrated with the database directly.  In this way  the need for extra layer or development  has been eliminated.


Another advantage of the integration with DataPower product is providing the  ‘load balancer’ function for the services used for data integration. Therefore, it has been able to minimize risks and latency by reducing layers.


Let's briefly look at the basic components of the solution.


IBM DataPower Gateway

IBM DataPower Gateways are designed to help IT leaders simplify infrastructure, integrate and optimize services, and secure new and existing workloads across multiple channels.
  • IBM DataPower Gateway provides security, integration, control and optimized access to a full range of web, API, mobile, SOA, cloud and B2B workloads.


  • IBM DataPower Gateway delivers a wide range of application security, integration, routing, business-to-business integration and governance capabilities through a gateway appliance or virtual gateway, helping to simplify IT infrastructure while reducing costs.


  • IBM DataPower Gateway appliance enables our customers to extend their core enterprise applications to their customers and their suppliers in a controlled and secure manner. 


DataPower Gateway Capabilities


  • Integrate: Enable any-to-any message transformation, securely connect applications and services

  • Secure Web, SOA, B2B, Mobile, API and Cloud Workloads

  • Control and Manage traffic and SLAs

  • Optimize data deliverty and user experiences

  • Consolidate and simplify the infrastructure

Gateway for the Multi-Channel Enterprise


  • Web: Simplify web security, control traffic and accelerate delivery for intranet and Internet web applications

  • SOA: Secure, integrate, control and manage SOA workloads in the DMZ and Trusted Zones

  • B2B: Extend connectivity and integration beyond the enterprise with DMZ-ready B2B edge capabilities

  • Cloud: Functionality in a virtual appliance, supports cloud environments

  • API: Easily control, publish, monitor and manage your APIs

  • Mobile: Simplify mobile security, securely and rapidly connect mobile applications with enterprise services


IBM API Connect

IBM API Connect is positioned  for creating, running, managing  APIs for programming interfaces exposed  by IT. DataPower Gateway serves as the API gateway for API Connect.

IBM API Connect helps secure the message content for all API interactions and then utilizes advanced  routing controls to manage and enforce service level policies throughout the enterprise. All API interactions are logged and reported to the IBM API Connect Analytics component, which enables both runtime and historical analytics and reporting.


API Connect sits between the consumer and provider and mediates, governs, and enforces access to API services. API Connect consists of two components, management and gateway runtime.


  • The management layer provides API creation, policy management, service lifecycle, developer portal, and analytics and socialization. DataPower is the gateway runtime that provides API policy enforcement, security, control, connectivity and analytics data collection.


  • API providers can quickly expose services using API Connect tooling and publish them into developer portal for self-service discovery.


  • Developers (Internal/External/Partner) discover APIs from the developer portal and build applications that call those APIs during execution of their applications.

API Connect and Architecture

DataPower Operations Dashboard

DataPower Operations Dashboard  (DPOD) is a complementary product. It does provide deep operational insight into DataPower Gateways for quicker problem determination and operational resiliency.
  • It does deliver advanced operations for real-time visibility of transactions and centralized operations to enable quicker problem termination and operational resiliency


  • It may be asynchronous – it can be used on existing production services with minimal impact


  • It quickly perform full-text search for transactions from the message payload


  • It provides Self-service access to operational information (logs, transaction analysis) to individual administrators & developers to provide limited access to data from IBM DataPower Gateways


  • It does generate automated reports from transactions processed using DataPower Gateways for compliance and audit requirements


  • It detects security and audit errors to proactively discover security anomalies and certificate issues


  • It may provide full transaction analysis of messages processed using DataPower Gateways, including service configuration, latency statistics, memory report, system log entries


DataPower Operations Dashboard Features

View real-time service information
Generate automated reports
View transactions list with detailed analysis
View service configuration
Setup DataPower Gateways, Role-based management
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