The basic requirements for these integrations are

Easy Integration


Since there are too many integration points, the need for coding and configuration changes related to integrations is required to be minimal, and in case of a change in one of the integration points, it needs to be adapted quickly.

High Performance


Real-time integration with very low latency data transfer is required.



Since integrations are carried out at very critical points and the data is very critical,  there should be no question of security.

Continuity of Service


Service continuity is very crucial since a problem in the integration may cause stopping the whole operation.



Standardization of services by adopting reusable service approach is a requirement.


The solution should provide centralized management support.

  • IBM DataPower Gateway provides security, integration, control and optimized access to a full range of web, API, mobile, SOA, cloud and B2B workloads.


  • IBM DataPower Gateway delivers a wide range of application security, integration, routing, business-to-business integration and governance capabilities through a gateway appliance or virtual gateway, helping to simplify IT infrastructure while reducing costs.


  • IBM DataPower Gateway appliance enables our customers to extend their core enterprise applications to their customers and their suppliers in a controlled and secure manner. 

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